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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Let Derek Actually RIP

Maybe Derek Boogaard did die of the cumulative effects of right hooks and left jabs.

Maybe he died of an enlarged heart, as so many other young athletes have in recent years.

Maybe Derek Boogaard died because it was simply his time.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tuesday Morning Randomness

- Ohio State should've fired head football coach Jim Tressel immediately after discovering he did nothing with the knowledge of five Buckeyes selling personal memorabilia.  Yet, he still have his job because he has more power than tAD Gene Smith and school president Gordon Gee.  Luckily, the NCAA has slightly more power than all of them, and the suits are not happy with the Sweater Vest, as evidenced by their 89-page Notice of Allegations, which the school received yesterday.  Thirteen of those pages deal with Tressel's monumental shadiness.  Even loyal old Buckeyes are stepping away from Tressel.  Hopefully, the NCAA ends up doing what the school would not.

- Meanwhile, if you were hoping the Fiesta Bowl would disappear in the wake of major transgressions by their CEO, you may be SOL.  The NCAA panel meeting with Fiesta Bowl officials this week...the one that will eventually help decide the game's fate...includes eight people who were part of the "Fiesta Frolic" in 2008.  They received rooms at a resort, meals, golf rounds, etc. on the game's dime.  Objectivity may be an issue.
- Because the stories of Charlie Sheen and Lenny Dykstra are not bonkers enough on their own, the two dumbasses are now connected. 

- For those of you scoring at home, the Vancouver Canucks have not blown a 3-games-to-none on the 8th-seeded Chicago Blackhawks because goalie Roberto Luongo wet himself.  Or because the Sedin twins went MIA for games 4 & 5. Nope, it's all on the refs, according to GM Mike Gillis.  Luongo, btw, goes back between the pipes for tonight's Game 7 in B.C.

- Also off playoff ice, Brian Boucher gets the nod from the Flyers for Game 7 with Buffalo tomorrow night in Philly.  And Flyers captain Mike Richards will NOT be suspended for shoving Sabre center Tim Connolly from behind into the boards in Gm 6.  One game would've been nice...

- Jay Cutler might not have the heart to play through a knee injury in the NFL Playoffs, but he has the heart to pop the question to my old favorite, Kristin Cavallari.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Enough's Enough

photo courtesy: NHL/Getty Images

Thank you, Alex Ovechkin and your Washington Capitals. The Rangers needed that.  They needed a five-game reminder of how far away they are from true contention in the Eastern Conference, let alone the NHL as a whole.

The Capitals outscored the Blueshirts by just five goals overall in winning their first round series, but the talent disparity might as well have been 50.  Ovechkin, Alex Semin, and Marcus Johansson were far more impressive than any Ranger.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Good Gary, Bad Gary

Gary Bettman is annoying...despite the occassional effort like above to make us giggle.

The NHL Commissioner oversees an operation that alternates between near-genius and buffoonery.  Just when you'd like to hand out a rare pat on the back, you're forced to pull your hand back and shake your head in disbelief over another incongruous decision from league headquarters.

But we may have to be nice to Bettman for a while following today's announcement of a fairly historic 10-year, $2-billion-dollar television deal with NBC/Versus